About me

I am valuable and a unique person with a lot to offer given all my experience, education and training. I am creative; I work hard, and I am a good colleague with a few recent wins at work.

With over 6 years of experience in software development, I worked mostly as a full-stack developer building business applications for customers in both public and private sectors. However, my specialty lies in back-end development.

I have a master’s degree in software engineering and a bachelor’s degree in information technology and business information systems from the University of Technology, Mauritius, and Middlesex University, respectively.

A contributor to Microsoft's dotnet-api-docs repository on GitHub. This is my most important open-source contribution yet, one I am proud of.

A technologist with a passion for software development, Robotic Process Automation with Microsoft Power Platform, product development, and project management. An experienced developer in .NET technologies such as C#, ASP.NET Core, Blazor and SQL. I am also a Python developer.

I follow English Premier League and I am a proud supporter of Chelsea FC (London is always blue). A passionate and skillful footballer. As a music director, I take pleasure in listening to "good music". I love to sing and play the piano.

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If you have any question, need information or got something you want me to work on, drop me a message. Looking forward to it.